Schultz Statement On Minnesota State Supreme Court Ruling

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – June 20, 2022 – Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Jim Schultz today issued the following statement in response to today’s decision from the Minnesota Supreme Court holding that Minneapolis is not employing enough police officers and ruling that the city must meet minimum police staffing levels as required by its city charter. Based on the latest census report, Minneapolis must employ no fewer than 731 police officers. Current staffing levels are far below this minimum threshold.

“Today’s ruling by the Minnesota State Supreme Court makes it clear that even the woke Minneapolis City Council must obey the law and act according to mandates established within the Minneapolis city charter. This ruling is a victory for the citizens of Minneapolis who have suffered for years from the unlawful shortage of police officers, which has resulted in skyrocketing violent crime including carjackings, murders, and physical assaults.

“Sadly, Attorney General Keith Ellison has aided and abetted this lawlessness with his support of defunding and dismantling police departments. Ellison’s policies aren’t just liberal, they are dangerous, and they are to blame for the public safety crisis plaguing our state.”

Schultz, the police-endorsed candidate for Attorney General concluded his remarks, promising, “Enough is enough. As Attorney General, I will continue my support for law enforcement and restore public safety to our communities.”

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