Schultz Slams Wardlow For Breaking His Promise To Honor The Endorsement

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – Jim Schultz, the Republican endorsed candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, released the following statement in response to Doug Wardlow’s dishonorable decision to break his promise to Minnesota Republicans and challenge the endorsed candidate in the primary election.

“Doug Wardlow made commitment after commitment to end his campaign if he was not endorsed in last weekend’s Republican convention. He was not endorsed. In fact, he was ultimately beaten decisively.

“Through a hard fought campaign, I always stated that I respect Doug Wardlow. With his announcement, Doug has lost my respect and that of the hundreds of thousands of Republican Party faithful who took him at his word. There is nothing more representative of the establishment swamp than a career politician who fails to honor his promises.

“Doug has now lost three consecutive elections. Should he move forward with his plans, we will make it four consecutive elections in August. We will then decisively beat Keith Ellison in November and restore public safety to our state.”

Wardlow Promises Podcast Host He Will “Absolutely” Abide By Endorsement. Host: “First Doug, you abiding by the endorsement?” Wardlow: “Yes, absolutely I will abide by the endorsement.” (“Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow — Jack Tomczak Podcast,” YouTube.Com, Feb. 14., 2022)

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