Schultz Releases First TV Commercial, “Endorsed”

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – July 19, 2022 Today, the Jim Schultz for Minnesota Attorney General campaign announced its first television ad of the 2022 primary season, entitled “Endorsed”, highlighting the broad base of support Schultz has for his candidacy and his commitment to restoring public safety in Minnesota. The ad references Schultz’s endorsements from the Republican Party of Minnesota and the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. The ad will be running on statewide cable through the primary.

“Keith Ellison’s defund the police policies are devastating our communities with violent crime and Minnesotans have had enough,” said Campaign Manager Christine Snell. “Folks are rallying behind Jim Schultz, a responsible leader that supports our police and will restore public safety. On August 9, Republicans are going to resoundingly nominate Jim Schultz, and in November Minnesotans are going to reject the radical policies of Keith Ellison and elect Jim Schultz to make Minnesota safe again.”

The ad can be viewed here and a transcript can be found below.

ANNOUNCER: In this year’s Republican primary, there’s a clear choice for Attorney General.

Jim Schultz. Endorsed by the Republican Party.

And endorsed by Minnesota’s police officers.

Make Minnesota Safe Again.

Vote for Jim Schultz, the conservative choice, on August ninth.

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