Schultz Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson SCOTUS Decision

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – June 24, 2022 – Today, Jim Schultz, the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, released the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson decision. 

I have been open throughout my campaign that I am pro-life, and I call upon all Americans to respect the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court today.  Although a previous Minnesota Supreme Court decision means that the Dobbs ruling will have limited effect in Minnesota, we all know that the DFL and my opponent, Keith Ellison, will use the decision to distract Minnesotans from the disastrous policies they have enacted. Under the DFL’s leadership, Minnesotans are experiencing record inflation, record gas prices, and record violent crime. Yet, Keith Ellison and his far-left allies will stop at nothing to change the conversation, and we will see them continue to mislead the public on this ruling and their record.

“The fact is, the average Minnesotan has much more moderate views than the extreme pro-abortion stance of Keith Ellison and the far left. Although Keith Ellison embraces taxpayer funded abortion at any time of pregnancy and for any reason, most Minnesotans support limits on abortion and a recent poll found that nearly 80% of voters nationwide support limiting abortion in the third trimester. The result of today’s decision will be greater ability of citizens and their respective states to pursue commonsense policies a majority of Americans support.

“In this fractious moment in our country, I call for peace. As Americans, our Constitution guarantees the right to peacefully protest. However, violence and threats of violence in connection with this decision must be met with dutiful enforcement of the law. May God bless and heal our country.”

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