Schultz Demands Ellison Cronies Carter and Olson End the Unethical and Potentially Unlawful Support of Keith Ellison

Requests investigation into St. Paul City Attorney and Mayor Carter for misusing government resources in partisan scheme to target rival campaign.

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – October 17, 2022 – Counsel to the Jim Schultz campaign for Minnesota Attorney General today sent a letter to St. Paul City Attorney Lyndsey Olson, a political ally of far-left Attorney General Keith Ellison, demanding she stop using her office to seek to suppress Jim Schultz’s historic support from law enforcement. Olson previously sent a letter to the Schultz campaign demanding that Schultz no longer state in ads that he is “Police Endorsed,” despite the fact that Schultz’s statement is entirely truthful in light of his unprecedented support from law enforcement. The letter to Olson demands that Olson cooperate with a request under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act for all correspondence between her office and Mayor Carter’s offices as well as those of Attorney General Keith Ellison, DFL operatives, and Ellison-aligned third parties.

“With Keith Ellison’s chances of winning re-election becoming increasingly remote by the day, his partisan cronies in government are stepping up their efforts to distract from his failed record of lawlessness,” said Schultz campaign manager Christine Snell. “Ellison, whose dangerous defund-the-police policies have caused violent crime to skyrocket across our state, has zero endorsements from sheriffs or law enforcement organizations in Minnesota, despite serving as Attorney General for the past four years, and his partners on the far-left are trying to hide that fact.”

“It is particularly disturbing that Mayor Carter, who as a key ally of Keith Ellison almost certainly is the party behind this unethical and very possibly illegal use of government resources, and who certainly approved this letter being sent, took part in this. We demand a full investigation into this effort using government resources to keep the public from knowing that Keith Ellison has no support from law enforcement,” Snell added.

Schultz, who is endorsed by 37 county sheriffs, the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, the National Troopers Coalition, and the Ramsey County Deputies’ Federation, is the clear choice of Minnesota’s law enforcement community. He likely has more support from law enforcement than any candidate for any office in Minnesota’s history. Schultz will announce additional law enforcement endorsements in the coming weeks.

“As Minnesota’s next Attorney General, Jim Schultz will partner with law enforcement to end the revolving door of criminals not being held accountable for their actions, deliver justice for victims, and restore public safety,” Snell concluded.

Read Schultz’s letter to St. Paul City Attorney Lyndsey Olson, demanding she end her unethical support of Attorney General Keith Ellison and cooperate with data practices request here.

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