Schultz Calls Out Ellison for Campaigning with Radicals Sanders and Omar

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – October 7, 2022 – Today, Republican candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Jim Schultz called out Attorney General Keith Ellison for campaigning with self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and defund-the-police radical Ilhan Omar.

“It’s no surprise that Keith Ellison, the most radical Attorney General in Minnesota’s history, is campaigning with self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and other defund-the-police allies like Ilhan Omar. Keith Ellison has proven he is a political activist masquerading as Attorney General. Time and time again, he has put the whims of the far left ahead of the safety and security of Minnesotans and that is an absolute disgrace. Keith Ellison should spend less time fraternizing with radical leftists and more time working to restore public safety to the families and communities that have been ravaged by violent crime.”

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