Schultz Calls on Ellison to Denounce “DEFUND DOZEN”

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – September 19, 2022 Jim Schultz, the Republican nominee for Minnesota Attorney General, today called on Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison to denounce the DEFUND DOZEN, the top leaders and organizations who have called for defunding the police. The 2021 Minneapolis charter amendment focused on defunding the police was rejected by Minneapolis voters, but backed by Ellison and other far-left leaders.

“Keith Ellison was the state’s most prominent cheerleader for Minneapolis to defund the police last year. He did so amidst the most serious increase in crime in our state in decades, including a 22% increase in violent crime since last year. With voters in the city resoundingly rejecting defunding the police, it is time for Keith Ellison, as the state’s chief legal officer, to denounce the leaders and organizations who pushed the defund the police movement,” said Schultz.

The DEFUND DOZEN include:

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Minneapolis DFL Party Chair Devin Hogan

Take Action MN

Twin Cities DSA

SEIU Local 26

Our Revolution Minnesota

MN 350 Action

Seward Police Abolition

Socialist Alternative Minnesota

CWA 7250



These radical leftwing leaders and organizations made no secret of their intent to remove and villainize police from a city suffering from skyrocketing rates of violent crime:

     •“We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” said Omar during a defund the police rally.

     •“Like it or not, setting the Third Precinct on fire was a genuine revolutionary moment. An act of pure righteousness to open new worlds of understanding. The people declared themselves ungovernable and unilaterally took their power back. The largest international human rights movement in modern history had begun. The youth of Minneapolis carried all of this. The cops started it,” wrote Minneapolis DFL Party Chair Devin Hogan.

     •“But we need to continue the fight to cut the police budget by half, demilitarize the Minneapolis Police Department, and build the struggle for a community oversight board with power to hire, fire, and subpoena, as well as eject any officer with a history of racism, bigotry, or violence from the department,” wrote Socialist Alternative Minnesota on Facebook.

“By not rejecting the radicalism of these leaders and organizations, Ellison’s silence must be interpreted as support for their extreme leftwing anti-police rhetoric and actions,” said Schultz. “As Minnesota’s next attorney general, I will work collaboratively with law enforcement to prioritize the safety of Minnesotans.”

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