Schultz Calls For Summer Debate Series with Ellison

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – June 21, 2022 – Today, Jim Schultz, the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, called on DFL candidate Keith Ellison to join him for a summer series of four debates across Minnesota. Schultz offered debate topics – public safety, economic policy and living costs, energy policy, and consumer protection – and debate locations in urban, suburban, and Greater Minnesota.

“Keith Ellison has failed Minnesotans with his radical far-left agenda. We are less safe, less prosperous, and less free than we were when Keith was elected. Nonetheless, I am giving Keith the opportunity to defend his record across Minnesota in a series of public debates this summer,” said Schultz. “Debates held in four geographically diverse areas will allow Minnesotans from across the state to attend in person and evaluate our contrasting visions for Minnesota’s future.”

Schultz suggested the debates be 90 minutes in length and that the campaigns agree upon additional details.

“Minnesota voters deserve honest debates about the issues they care about. Keith and I can offer our competing visions. Let the citizens of Minnesota decide who they trust. I call upon Keith Ellison to join me for these critical forums,” concluded Schultz.

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