Saint Paul Police Federation Endorses Jim Schultz for Minnesota Attorney General

ST. PAUL, Minn. – November 3, 2022 – The Saint Paul Police Federation (SPPF), which represents Minnesota’s second largest police force, today announced its endorsement of Jim Schultz for Minnesota Attorney General, citing the Republican nominee’s commitment to restoring public safety and defending law enforcement officials in Minnesota.  Schultz is the only candidate the St. Paul Police Federation has endorsed in several election cycles and the board voted unanimously to support him.

“Jim Schultz has the character, integrity, and willingness to work in partnership with Minnesota’s law enforcement community to restore public safety and trust across our state. Jim’s credibility with Minnesota’s law enforcement community uniquely positions him to promote and lift up our profession as we work to keep our communities safe. It is with thoughtful consideration that our federation has unanimously endorsed Jim Schultz for Minnesota Attorney General,” said Officer Mark Ross, Saint Paul Police Federation President.

The Federation’s endorsement comes after a recent attempt by Keith Ellison’s cronies to suppress Jim Schultz’s historic support from Minnesota’s law enforcement community. Despite serving as Attorney General for nearly four years, Ellison has zero endorsements from law enforcement organizations in Minnesota.

“I am extremely honored to have the support and trust of the St. Paul Police Federation to restore public safety in Minnesota,” said Schultz. “Amid skyrocketing crime in Minnesota, this endorsement sends a powerful message that those entrusted with public safety in our state trust me to partner with them to end the violence. Minnesotans have rejected Ellison’s dangerous tenure as Attorney General and are ready for an Attorney General who will defend police, not defund them.”

Earlier this week, a new KSTP/Survey USA poll showed Schultz leading Ellison by seven points and having a 54-point advantage over Ellison on the issue of crime and public safety.

Established in 1947, the SPPF represents Minnesota’s second largest police force including all sworn officers at every rank excluding the chiefs and all Saint Paul Emergency Communications Professionals at the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center. In their endorsement of Schultz, the Saint Paul Police Federation joins 42 county public safety officials, including 41 county sheriffs, former U.S. Attorney Thomas B. Heffelfinger, and other law enforcement groups, including the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, the National Troopers Coalition, and the Ramsey County Deputies’ Federation.

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